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Leading the industry with innovative and easy-to-use products that are supported by unmatched customer service.

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Value, Simplicity, and Flexibility

Processing transactions securely, quickly, and reliably is essential to your success. That's why we've made it our mission to always provide the best payment solution for your business - one that creates immediate value, is easy to implement, and is capable of handling future growth.

We're Focused On Your Needs

At VyaPay, we believe it's our job to simplify electronic payment processing - to take the industry jargon and translate it into information that you can use to make informed business decisions. We make it a point to talk to you in terms that you can understand - whether you're just getting started, or you're an experienced entrepreneur with specific complex questions.

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For Developers

Built to help you scale

Scalable, reliable, easy payments API made for developers. No more patching things together. Get going right away with VyaPay, one API is all you need.

Multi-Processor Support

Using VyaLynk APIs you can access multiple processors through just one integration. No need to install legacy code, just one modern API.

Tokenization and EMV

VyaCloud is an exciting product suite that provides an all-in-one solution for point-of-sale integrators and merchants to solve their Tokenization and EMV end-to-end requirements.

Transactions API (coming soon!)

Get statuses for all your transactions in one place. Use our comprehensive tracking, webhooks and email notifications to help you know the status of your payments.

Batch Payment Creation

Speed up the process, and create payment batches at once through our dashboard and API.

High Volume Discounts

Use VyaPay to increase your bottom line, and save on per transaction pricing.

International Payments

Looking to expand to different countries? Let us handle payments so that you can focus on your business.

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Unique & Comprehensive

Leading the industry with innovative and easy-to-use products that are supported by unmatched customer service.

Our Experience Delivers!

As a leader in the industry, our experience gives us the skills to guide our customers through the process of accepting electronic payments by carefully evaluating the specific needs of the business model. This enables us to deliver tailored solutions that maximize efficiency, security, and cost savings. Our solutions comprise a unique, comprehensive blend of bankcard expertise, operational service and support, and technology that accelerates each customer's journey toward an improved bottom line.

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To discuss how we can help your organization, please use the following. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  Commerce For A Cause

We are passionate about giving back to our community with socially responsible commerce that enables businesses to start or expand their charitable giving without interruption or cost.

What your organization needs to know

VyaPay, a leading financial transactions management company has created a program specifically to help non profits maximize donations. Being a good corporate citizen means a lot to us at VyaPay and that is why we created this program for both non-profit organizations as well as business partners. VyaPay proudly presents Commerce For A Cause.
VyaPay, through our Non-Profit partner program, can help you build a 100% pure net revenue stream from an existing expense line item. It is a fact, that all charities accepting donations via a credit card must incur a charge for that processing. Why not let VyaPay, through our Commerce For A Cause program donate back to you a percentage of those fees so you can maximize every donation. Yes, VyaPay will donate back to you up to 20% of your monthly fees to your organization. In addition, here is where the revenue stream really grows, you can have businesses that you work with designate a percentage of the fees they incur to your organization if the business switches to the VyaPay's Commerce For A Cause partner program. Your organization can build a sustainable, 100% net revenue stream that is self-contained and does not need staff time to maintain.

Does VyaPay understand Non-Profit?

Craig Strenger, Managing Director of Non-Profit programs has spent over 20 years in Non-Profit fundraising and management in local, regional and national offices of some of the country's largest Non-Profit health agencies. Craig was the National Director of Field Operations for a national health related organization that switched to VyaPay and can discuss it in greater detail with your Development Team on how easy this program works for your organization.

Craig can be reached at  or 833.4VYAPAY (833.489.2729)

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